A chatbot formed in IT support

Available at anytime and multilangual, the smart assistant Wikit is able to talk with natural language to all your users. Our chatbot understands, qualify and bring answers to all the questions of your employees to accompany them in an approach of self-resolution.
Wikit will act as a new exchange canal bitween your it service and each one of your users.

A user centric approach

When he contacts his service of Help-desk, a user is awaiting quality of service not to damage his productivity or that of his team.

We thus conceived our platform of chatbot with as main priority the user, and as points of attention:


  • The ergonomics of the solution
  • The quality of the brought answers
  • The adaptability of the solution for every entity
Chatbot support it

Your workers's partner

chatbot support it
  • Management / reset of password
  • Assistance to the use of software
  • Creation and followed by tickets of intervention
  • Creation and follow-up of the demands of service
  • Management of accounts
  • Management of collective incident
  • Statement of movable incidents
  • Command of material
  • Information bound to strategic works
  • Management of vacation
  • Follow-up of expense reports
  • Access to forms
  • Reminder internal regulation
  • GDPR assistance
  • Safety policy


Our partners

They help us since our very beginning

Nos réseaux sociaux:

Wikit développe une solution d’assistant intelligent qui accompagne vos utilisateurs dans la résolution de leurs incidents et leurs demandes de support.