Technological platform

The technological platform Wikit is based on the engine of artificial intelligence IBM Watson. It includes all the allowing elements of
Build a virtual assistant integrated into your information system and into the the closest to the expectations of your users

bot support it

A virtual assistant integrated to your internal communication tools

To allow Wikit to be available in an easy way for all users, our team is working on chatbots connector for each messaging software used in your society (Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Chat, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Spark, Slack, etc). Some complementary developpements can be realised on demands.

Management console

The platform Wikit gives to your team a management console allowing to pilot the activity of the chatbot:

  • Statistics of use (conversations, users, created tickets)
  • Piloting of your chatbot (knowledge and skills)
  • Activation of various services (connectors, intentions, languages)
console support it

Interface with your software ITSM

In its agent’s role of Service Desk, the intelligent assistant Wikit interfaces to your software ITSM (Information Service management technology) to create incidents or demands, and assist your users in the management of their tickets.

No unconscious intelligence

The knowledge management is essential in the implementation of a virtual assistant. So that your users have access to all the documentary power which they need, Wikit provides you with its technology of machine reading allowing to index every type of procedures..

Internal knowledge base

Wikit integrate a directed knowledge base office automation uses and made up of several hundreds of tutoriels video realized by certified trainers. (Service Microsoft, Googles Apps)

Client's knowledge base

Thanks to its technology of machine reading, Wikit indexes your internal procedures and this whatever is the format of your files (word, ppt, pdf, video …) and their location of storage (sharepoint, knowledge base, network server …)

external knowledge base

Wikit allows the integration of the procedures stemming from external knowledge bases put at your disposal directly by the editor of your software , quite without any trouble.

Your chatbot in 60 days

#1 Study

Study / Incident analysis

Support process

Knowledge Base

#2 Stetting

Resolution tree

SI Coupling (API)

Content indexing

#3 Learning

Practice of the AI



#4 Production

Put in production



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Wikit développe une solution d’assistant intelligent qui accompagne vos utilisateurs dans la résolution de leurs incidents et leurs demandes de support.